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1 - Dextrins

Manufacturing all Dextrins 86% types (light - medium - dark) and dextrins 84% white and all kinds of  albrich (white-medium-dark)
Yellow dextrins are used as water-soluble adhesives for sealing envelopes and paper tubes, in mining, as an additive material in foam flotation, in the casting industry, as a green power additive in sand casting, as an ink thickener in dyeing, as a binder in gouache colors, and also in the leather industry.

  • محسن للنضارة فى التصنيع الغذائى والمخاليط الغذائية والكسوة والتلميع

  • عامل إنهاء نسيج وعامل تكسية لزيادة وزن وصلابة الأقمشة 

  • مادة رابطة ومغلظة فى صناعة الدواء وتكسية الورق 

  • وقود وعامل رابط فى التقانة النارية ، حيث تضاف إلى الألعاب النارية والشرارة حتى تتصلب فى شكل حبيبات أو نجوم.

White dextrins are used as follows:

2 - Raw starch:

The company is an authorized distributor for:
•    Egyptian International Company for Import and Export
•    Al-Ahram Lewis Company (6th of October)
•    The Egyptian Starch and Glucose through the Egyptian International for Import and Export

فى العديد من الصناعات مثل صناعة الورق والكرتون وصناعة الأغذية كمصدر للطاقة وكذلك يستخدم فى مستحضرات التجميل ومشكلات البشرة والجلد وغيرها من الصناعات.

وتستخدم النشا والجلكوز فى :

3 - BORAX:

Sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, it is a natural mineral that is mainly extracted from evaporating lakes in California and Turkey.
Deka 10% The company imports Turkish borax and American borax

  • العديد من التطبيقات التجارية المختلفة بما فى ذلك كمكون فى منتجات التنظيف و المنظفات المنزلية وكمخزن مؤقت فى المختبرات الكيميائية للمساعدة فى استخراج الذهب فى عمليات التعدين ومكونات الزجاج والسيراميك.

  • يستخدم كمادة أساسية في التصلب في صناعة الغراء النباتى وجميع شركات الورق .

ويستخدموا فى : 

4- Charcoal:

The company operates in three charcoal types:

Wood charcoal

  • Charcoal is used in direct burning to obtain energy

  • It is also used in some household purposes such as heating or cooking and grilling

  • It is used in some large projects to generate electricity.

  • It has a greater calorific value than regular wood and a longer duration as well

  • It can be in a form of sticks to be used in drawing and arts.

  • It has the ability to attract things to its surface, and thus can remove toxic gases and unpleasant odors from the air, so it is used in ventilation systems in spacecraft and in kitchen stove masks.

Activated charcoal is used in:

It is used to purify liquids such as water, so it is used to purify water treatment plants and aquarium fish tanks to remove dirt, then it is returned pure to the basin and it can be placed in the refrigerator to get rid of bad smells.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets shapes and sizes can be controlled according to customer request.
Wood pellets are extremely flammable and safe for the environment. It does not emit smoke and smell like regular charcoal and burns longer than the regular charcoal. Therefore, it can be used in grilling foods, as well as in home heating and other uses.

5- Caustic soda:

The company is the authorized distributor of El Nasr For Intermediate Chemicals Company. Caustic soda is used in several chemical industries around the world, such as oil and gas production, soap and detergent manufacturing, in addition to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, waste water treatment, and others.

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